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The Heal Difference

We pride ourselves in being up to date with current trends and advances in dentistry. However, we are even more proud of our knowledge of holistic treatments. Your teeth and gums are attached to a person – you. We have a wealth of knowledge in how your mouth affects the rest of your body, and how the rest of your body affects your mouth. Did you know that we sometimes can tell if you have a nutritional problem by just looking at your tongue?

Holistic Dentistry

We don’t just treat teeth and gums. We recognize that your teeth and gums are attached to a human being – you.


We are members of the Eco Dentistry Association. We care about you and your environment. Complete health relies on a healthy and clean environment.

HealDental-Site-HEALDIFFERENCEWe are working on reducing waste and saving power for the good of the planet and our health.

Great Service

At Heal we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations. Our guests will be greeted with a smile and a herbal tea, or filtered water. Sit on the balcony or read a book from our library while you enjoy a drink.

Practice Walkthrough

Our clinic has been designed to provide comfort, care and relaxation to every guest we service. No expense has been spared to show that as your privileged practitioners, we value you and will always work to meet your individual needs. Heal is a place of beauty, tranquility and wholeness where you are greeted with a friendly smile, and offered the highest levels of service.

Enjoy complimentary refreshments while you relax in our guest lounge or take a break on our outside balcony. For those requiring complex treatments a special “chill-out” space awaits you after your appointment so you can rest and rejuvenate. If you’re not already booking an appointment, click below to take a sneak-peak inside the walls of Heal.

Holistic Dentistry

We don’t just treat teeth and gums. We recognize that your teeth and gums are attached to a human being – you. Our dentists are well read in areas other than just dentistry and understand the connection between your teeth, gums, jaw joint (TMJ), airway, digestive tract, heart and lungs. Where necessary we work closely with GP’s, holistic dietitians, naturopaths, chiropractors, remedial massage therapists, and many more talented practitioners.

Our goal is to make the biggest positive impact on your overall health, we don’t just stop at your pearly whites.

The 5 Pillars of Health

  • 1.Detoxification

    You wouldn’t renovate a house without first getting rid of the rubbish. The same goes for your body. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to clean out the gunk, to give your body a better chance to start the healing process.

  • 2.Nutrition

    You are what your body is able to absorb. Imagine filling a racing car up with normal petrol. There’s no way it could perform optimally. Your body is the same. By feeding it whole foods that are in harmony with your body’s requirements, your body can be given a chance to heal and stay healthy.

  • 3.Breathing

    Did you know that the way you breathe can affect many things from your sleep and your blood pressure, all the way to your chances of suffering coughs and colds, to asthma, allergy and hay-fever?

  • 4.Mindset

    Your state of mind is a powerful determinant of your health and happiness. There is a well-known connection between your mind and your gut. A calm mind allows proper digestion of food, better quality saliva, and an better ability to deal with life’s little hurdles.

  • 5.Movement

    Your body is a dynamic piece of kit. It needs to be able to move freely to keep your tissues healthy and vital. Blood flow and lymphatic drainage depend on movement. At Heal Dental Care we have a number of therapists including yoga therapists to keep your tissues moving well.

    Holistic dentistry

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Every effort has been made to remove your mercury amalgam fillings in the safest possible way at Heal Dental Care. For both necessary restorative and elective amalgam removal procedures we take great steps to protect your health.

We use a special proximal air vacuum machine called a “Flex Vac” which greatly reduces your exposure to mercury vapour. This vacuum equipment can also be used during the removal of your white composite (BPA containing) fillings. In addition to this we use direct highspeed (HVE) suction, rubber dam isolation and special amalgam removal techniques (cutting instead of grinding) in order to do everything that we can to prevent your exposure to mercury.

For those still concerned about mercury inhalation, our optional service of nasally delivered “medical air” is available. Medical air can also be delivered with a mixture of nitrous oxide for patients who are anxious about their dental treatment.

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Some of Our Services Include…

Family Dentistry

Your entire family is important to us at Heal Dental Care. A healthy family is a great foundation for a happy family.

Check Ups & Cleans

We recommend a check and clean at least twice a year. Not only does it give us a chance to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it allows us to pick up on other health issues as quickly as possible.

Holistic Dentistry

We don’t just treat teeth and gums. We recognize that your teeth and gums are attached to a human being – you



Cosmetic Dentistry

All of our dentistry at Heal Dental Care is considered cosmetic. We use great quality materials and first class techniques to make your smile look wonderful.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Every effort has been made to make removing your amalgam fillings as safe as possible. Preventing the release of mercury into the environment and protecting our patients is
our highest priority.

TMJ Treatments

Our jaw can affect your sleep, your ability to chew (and digest) your food properly, your chance of having a headache or a migraine, your posture and a whole host
of other things.

Breathing Programs

Dr Dan is a qualified breathing educator and runs breathing programs to help reduce your symptoms, or just simply to help you be healthier.


Oral Rehabilitation

We are skilled in more complex aspects of dentistry including implants, crowns and bridges which are often necessary for full mouth rehabilitation.

Share, connect, give… and receive

There are no Heal Speaks for the rest of 2015

Your local community is abundant with great, talented people, and you are one of them. The circle is held on the first Monday of the month at 6pm (subject to availability). We provide a calm, serene space within which we hold this facilitated community talk, where you can speak about anything you like. Bring your triumphs, tribulations, joys, worries, and aspirations… It’s all welcome in our circle.

Heal Speak @ The Hub – is our community circle within which we connect with others, and at the same time raise funds for the local community, and in turn receive the gift of living in such a community. On these Mondays The Hub comes alive with activity as the community engages in a collective sharing, facilitated by Heal Speak leaders.

Just drop in and pay on the door $15, or book online for a reduced rate $10. .

No Heal Speaks are planned for the rest of 2015

Buy heal speak tickets

HealDental-Site-HUBA place of peace, growth and transformation

The Hub is a hive of activity with great health and wellness opportunities. Book a yoga class, or enjoy a meditation group. Enjoy a massage. The Hub is our connection to the local community and the venue for Heal Speak.

Breathing Programs

Dr Dan runs his Buteyko breathing clinic from here.

Heal Speak

On the first Monday of every month come an be inspired by our series of fun, punchy health talks.

Allied Practitioner Services

We work closely with talented local health practitioners who have been hand picked by us for your benefit.

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